RIP Robin Williams
I grew up watching his movies. Again and again. He inspired us to imagine the unimaginable. He made us laugh and forget our worries.


It's disheartening that the man who brought us so much joy was battling severe depression.

I am sure when I watch your movies today, for the first few minutes I would be saddened that you have left us, but then the movies would bring me smiles again.

My favourites:

Kahaani - Bhat a banderphool movie!

Kahaani is a movie bery bell written and bery bell filmed! The Bidya Balan (oops... Vidya Balan) starrer is full of interesting twists right from the start of the movie until the end. And do not take a break just before the interval! Kahaani doesn't only keep you engaged all the time, but you also end up incorrectly guessing what might happen next. A suspense thriller so perfectly created! If you plan to watch the movie (you must), then I would suggest that you do not read the storyline at all. The reason why I am not giving away any info or spoilers! All I would say at this point that the film is all about great story writing, superb direction and good acting. Looks like Vidya Balan should keep her award speech ready!

3 Idiots are 3 geniuses - Movie review

3 Idiots Movie Review:
Idiot suddenly became a cool word! If someone is called idiot from now
on the person will smile back and say thank you straight from the
heart. That's what Aamir, Madhavan and Sharman have done to the word.
And if you find an amendment in the meaning of 'Idiot' in the English
dictionaries, do not be surprised.

My friend recently told me how she was worried about her little one
picking up swear words as harmless as saala. But after watching this
movie I wonder if she would mind him saying the five letter word.
Coming to the movie, everything is just perfect and balanced. While
some hilarious scenes (chatur's speech, ragging, pricey fiance) make
you laugh until you cry, the others make you feel very emotional. I
really think anyone could have replaced Kareena, she does not have
much to do in the movie, though she acts good. Chatur gets much more
importance than her and his presence works the magic. There are some
subtle messages about excessive pressure on students and doing what
your heart says. Every scene is worth watching and every dialogue is
written to perfection. You can easily watch 3 Idiots at least thrice
in theatres coz with this movie, ALL IS WELL!

Radio Review: Watch Radio at home, not theatres!

“Once upon a time there was a movie called Radio… Was it called Radio or tape recorder? Well, something of that sort. And by the way, Himesh Reshammiya starred in the film.”

“Did he? But I thought he was a singer.”

“Well yes, he did well as long as he made people HEAR his songs on the radio. Then, he thought of making people SEE him in Radio, but people wisely preferred to keep their eyes shut.”

“So did people not watch Himesh Reshammiya’s Radio movie at all?”

“Well, some did. But they waited for the Radio to be premiered on television just to find out what exactly Himesh Reshammiya did (or did not do) in the movie.”

“And what did they conclude?”

“Himesh acted much better than his earlier films. But then, Radio did not do quite well. So people were glad they did not spend money on exorbitant movie tickets. And then common sense says – radio is not meant to be seen.”

1 Blue film you can watch with parents

You might not even say ‘blue film’ in presence of your parents. But then times are changing.

One of the best ways to spend time with your parents is watching a movie together. And if you are bored of watching the typical movies with them, try watching this Blue film. Trust me, you all will love it ;)

Agyaat Review – Meaning of the film’s name gives the message

Agyaat means “unknown”. And frankly speaking, Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘thriller’ movie should have rather stayed agyaat to the audiences. I wonder why they make us waste our money on expensive tickets in times of recession. It’s just not me who has disliked the movie; the reviews of Agyaat are pathetic all across. People haven’t been able to figure out one good thing about the movie. It’s a pity that such films are coming from the person who gave us Rangeela, Satya, Company, Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya and Road.

Kambakkht Ishq, Kambakkht Movie - Review

Kambakkht Ishq Movie Review:

It's 2:15 am, I've just returned after watching the 11 pm show of Kambakkht Ishq movie and I had to switch on my computer to pour my heart out. No, I'm not sleepy... I'm in a state of shock wondering how can I take such a horrible decision... Kambakkht mera decision to watch this movie!

When the first boring song (of course, I don't even remember what song it was) started within 15 minutes of the movie, I should have realized. When the 2nd boring song started after another 30 minutes, I should have realized. But I believe I'm being too optimistic these days.

Here’s the movie synopsis: A man and a woman hate each other. Then they realize they actually love each other. They live happily ever after. We don’t.

Acting is poor. Story too is poor… oops can it be called a story? Whatever happened to Kareena Kapoor after Jab We Met! By the way, the official website says Kareena Kapoor is playing the role of a ‘supermodel’ in Kambakkht Ishq. No she isn’t. She’s a doctor and does occasional modeling / roles in films to earn some money.

Akshay Kumar is okay and typical. He has been much better in his earlier films. Of course, he looks as fit as ever, but who cares when the movie is sick.

Javed Jaffrey appears after a few scenes giving us some respite, but then he actually has no role in the movie except ensuring that we don’t go to sleep.

I have no idea if this was Sylvester Stallone’s first appearance in a Bollywood movie, but if it was I hope he doesn’t find out that Kambakkht Ishq is a flop.

My rating of Kambakkht Ishq: 1 out of 5 (1 because of some stunts, Sylvester Stallone and a couple of times we laughed thanks to Javed)

Should you watch Kambakkht Ishq in a theatre: Hell no

What a waste: Rs 350 for 2 tickets, Rs 100 for overpriced soft drinks, Rs 70 on rickshaws, almost 3 hours and the start of a weekend… all were wasted.

Filmmakers wake up. The janta is already hit by recession, don’t torture it by such movies.